Herb and Wanda Taylor

Working with Baptist Church Planters, the Taylors seek to bring the gospel to the growing Hispanic community in the United States. Skyline Baptist Church is the sending church for the Taylors.

Ross and Carolyn Trumble

Planting the Grace Baptist Church in Parkes, Australia. The Trumbles are sent out by their home church, Evangel Baptist Church of Dale City, VA. 

Dan and Karis Seely

Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Cameroon, Africa, seeking to help establish the Eglise Baptiste d'Odza in the capital city of Yaounde. 

Frontline Missions International

Roy and Karen Kinney

The focus of this mission is to primarily help and train national Pastors who are planting Baptist Churches in Eastern Europe.

Serving with Baptist Church Planters in Auburn, Massachusetts. This family of seven is seeking to establish the Hampton Street Baptist Church in Auburn, Massachusetts.


Frontline Missions International Persecution Report

Somalia is second only to North Korea in regard to religious persecution, and Christians in Somalia are in constant danger. The terrorist group, Al- Shabab, is doing whatever they can to drive Christianity out of Somalia. In addition, Somalia’s strict enforcement of sharia law results in persecution of the few believers—estimated to be only a few hundred. The harsh penalties are often public to discourage others from becoming Christians. Even cele- brating Christmas has been banned since 2014. And if that isn’t enough, Christians in Somalia face constant harassment and danger from family members and clan leaders.

One believer, who converted from Is- lam and whose name cannot not be shared, has been assaulted repeatedly by his Muslim father-in-law. Twice his father-in-law kidnapped his wife— once for three years—and she suffered a miscarriage from her father’s beat- ing during the kidnapping. Then last October radical Muslims sent teenag- ers to attack this brother’s 7-year-old son. The boy was seriously injured, and the believer said that his son still suffers anxiety from the assault. “We are being hunted down like wild ani- mals because of putting our faith in Issa [Jesus]. Always our security is at stake. We need prayers.”

Please lift up faithful Christians in Somalia before the Throne of grace as they suffer much for following Jesus